About me

Hi I’m Jamie-Mae but you are welcome to call me Jamie! 


A little bit about what I love..

I love terrariums, tiny dinosaurs and am a bit of a magpie when I see sparkly things.  I have a pet venus fly trap called Ralph.  

 I love music, dancing and food - especially sweeties. I’m the type of girl that can always find room for sweeties.

I love travel and getting lost in the world. Immersed in culture, the challenges, the adventures.
If your thinking of getting married abroad, I’d love to help make it work. 

I love people. Watching emotions emanate from someone as they see their bride for the first time, as they hear their favourite DJ play their favourite track or seeing someone simply smile.

I love capturing inner sparkle and peoples stories. We are all unique, giving us all a unique story to share. 

To me a wedding day is all of these things and more. From the natural moments to the perfectly posed, the tiny details, the fleeting moments & the precious memories.   

Nothing inspires me more than retelling these moments through images. 

I love what I do and am very fortunate to do what I love.


Jamie x