Sink or Swim..

I’ve always had a huge love of music, when out at gig’s, feeling like “that guy” staring at the event photographer wishing it was me.

Leading up to shooting my friends wedding, I was out one night dancing at Fu Bar when I spotted the event’s photographer.
I jiggled on over & busted out the "you have the best job in the world" routine, then proceeded to harp on about my new camera & not knowing how to use it being but a few weeks out from shooting my first wedding.

That photographers name happened to be Flick. I'm not sure what he was thinking at the time but he gave me his card, telling me to give him a bell at UP FM if ever I was keen to start shooting gigs.

Not needing to be asked twice, a week later, during my lunch break, I was at the radio station getting the details for my first shoot which happened to be that night.

Talk about trial by fire. I remember that night like it was yesterday. Sitting in my lounge with my little camera bag packed, watching the clock tick down.
I very nearly pulled out. My anxieties were through the roof, I was searching for any excuse to throw in the towel, yet somehow I managed to force myself out the door & I’ve never looked back.

The evening ended up being an absolute blast. Although I had no idea what I was doing or how to “shoot a gig” as such, I managed to produce a set of images that secured my role as an UP FM photographer and still to this day is a set I am very proud of.  Sometimes you just need to be dropped in the deep end… Sink or Swim..



Dub- B bar 4/6/2010

How it all began

I began my photography journey back in 2010. I had always loved capturing life on my little point and shoot but had never considered it a career. Roll forward to May 2010 this all changed.

One of my eldest & dearest friends asked me to photograph her wedding. I'm not sure what she was thinking that day but today as I write this I cannot thank her and her husband enough.

I look back to the day of their wedding & laugh, wondering how I ever managed to pull it off.

I like to think I was made for it but more importantly when I look back at these images I feel it.  Thank you Gianna and Thomas for giving me the opportunity to take a chance & follow my dreams.